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Holiday Ski Trip 2013, Part 2 of 2

Chuck & Lori in North Conway, New Hampshire
Chuck Sat, 2014-02-08 14:30
Chuck & Lori Selfie in North Conway, NH - About Day 2 of the Goatee Hmm, where did we leave off? Oh yeah, Randy clutching his shoulder and saying, "I broke something." Needless to say the ski trip took a turn for the worse at that point. The good things were that it happened late in the day, after we had gotten in a full day of skiing, and that Randy got to ride down in one of those orange vinyl-lined litters. Chuck followed, watching Randy's head bob along with each bump on the trail, worried what Susan would say--do--to him when he told her what happened. A few hours later we were...

Holiday Ski Trip 2013, Part 1 of 2

The Top of Cranmore Ski Resort
Chuck Tue, 2014-02-04 13:55
The Mount Washington Valley from the Cranmore Ski Resort Oh, by the way, over the holidays we took a wonderful little trip to one of our favorite (though it apparently doesn't make our top 5 list ) corners of the US: North Conway, New Hampshire and the Mount Washington Valley. It was a nice little jaunt of 10 days, having left the day after Christmas and returning on Saturday the 4th. This area holds the special place in our hearts of being where we learned to ski. Way back in 1998 we had some free tickets on Southwest that were about to expire so we decided to do the New England "B&B...

Happy New Year!

Chuck Tue, 2013-12-31 18:00
For us, 2013 was a year of dance, of wine, and a proposal... Since January we've learned foxtrot, waltz, tango, rumba, cha-cha, samba, salsa, and swing. We thought we'd try it, but we never thought we'd love it this much, and we certainly never thought we'd actually be pretty decent at it. We hope that 2014 brings us much, much more dancing! In 2013 we took two trips to California wine country: the first, in June-July, was planned and enjoyed with family and friends despite a record-setting heat wave. The second, in October, was opportunistic and as close to spur-of-the moment as we've been...

Chuck & Lori's 1st Annual Best Of List

Chuck Mon, 2013-12-30 08:00
And now for the moment you've all been waiting for (LOL), we present to you Chuck and Lori's "Best Of" travel list for 2013! Our selection for best airline is: Delta . Well, if you live in Atlanta it's hard not to be a fan of Delta (it's easy to like an airline which has direct flights from your home town to ... pretty much anywhere). But even applying a bit of objectivity, our experience with Delta is head-and-shoulders above other airlines. From on-time performance to fantastic clubs, and from plenty of flights to a near-perfect website, Delta is clearly our best-of airline. Honorable...

Our Favorite Rewards Programs

Chuck Sat, 2013-12-28 08:00
A s we wind down the year, we're going to do something a little different, perhaps even start an annual tradition. In this blog we, as active travelers, want to call out and offer blogger-kudos to our favorite rewards programs, and in the next blog we want to publish our first annual "Best Of" list. When it comes to travel reward programs, two that we participate in earn our "Gold Star": American Express Membership Rewards - we've participated in Amex Membership Rewards for more than a decade and have nothing but praise for the program and their customer service. We mostly use points for air...