January 2015

Our Awesome Vintage Travel Pinterest Board

Chuck Thu, 2015-01-29 07:30
We're not Pinterest junkies or addicts, and we don't do a lot (anything, really) to promote a following of our boards, but we do have some pretty nifty travel-related Pinterest boards, like our Where We've Been board (with mostly pins of our own photos) and our Where We Want To Go board. We also have a nice little Airliners board. But the board we spend most of our time admiring our own pinning work is our Vintage Travel Posters board. You know the posters we're talking about: those colorful advertising posters meant to entice you to consider a vacation to an exotic or breathtakingly...

Real, Live Steampunk

Chuck Tue, 2015-01-27 07:39
I heard a friend once define "steampunk" as "the vision of the future through Victorian eyes". Since I first heard the term about a decade ago, it's surprising how much steampunk imagery and art is running around out there. We'll sometimes look at something and describe it as "steampunky". But nothing beats the real, live steampunk we saw at the British National Railway Museum in York, UK back in August. It still amazes us just how far engineers actually took steam technology, and in the steampunk world, that technology is still evolving. So for today's blog, to wet your steampunk appetite,...

Big Band Dance Weekend at Asheville's Grove Park Inn

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - The Jimmy Dorsey Band
Chuck Sat, 2015-01-24 07:30
Pursuant to our newly set travel aspiration theme of dance travel, this past weekend we hopped in the car for a long weekend trip to Asheville, North Carolina. Every January, the swanky Omni Grove Park Inn holds a big band dance weekend in their ballroom. A few of our fellow dancers from the Arthur Murray studio in Alpharetta have gone in years past and we put together a nice little group occupying two tables. The event spanned both Friday and Saturday nights with different bands each night. Both were of the "big band" variety with plenty of brass and sultry vocals. The Saturday night band...

Travel Aspirations, Updated

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Penrith Castle, England
Chuck Tue, 2015-01-20 07:30
Penrith Castle, England Sometimes some of the simplest blog concepts turn out to be the hardest to actually write. While we were on the Queen Mary 2 in December, I told Lori we should write another blog to update our travel wish list (a transatlantic crossing on the QM2 has a way of getting you thinking about travel dreams). My thought was, now that we've tackled a few more of our travel dreams, we should cross them off the list and add a few more. Not to mention the most common question we're now asked (by a mile) is, "Where are you going next?" The problem is that the travel addiction seems...

10 Underrated Things To Do On The Queen Mary 2

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - The QM2's Commodore Club
Chuck Thu, 2015-01-15 07:30
Looking Forward (Westward) From The Queen Mary 2's Commodore Club We're going to wrap up our series of blogs on our Queen Mary 2 crossing with a nod to all the other activities that are worth mentioning that don't get the attention they deserve. There are our "10 Underrated Things To Do On The Queen Mary 2", those activities you just don't see on blogs or listed on Cunard's website that amount to great time spent and wonderful memories should you take a cruise or crossing on this great ship. Bronze Reliefs on the Queen Mary 2 10. Check Out the Art - The Queen Mary 2 is wonderfully appointed...

Passing Time on the Queen Mary 2

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Chuck and Lori in the Chart Room Lounge on the Queen Mary 2
Chuck Tue, 2015-01-13 07:30
Your Hosts, Chuck and Lori, Passing Time In Queen Mary 2's Chart Room Lounge When it comes down to it, our week aboard the Queen Mary 2 was all about passing the time. If we were in a hurry to get home, after all, we would have flown. It was relaxing--and completely devoid of jet lag--to cross the Atlantic by ship. And while there were plenty of activities to occupy our minds, sometimes the best time spent is...doing nothing in particular. One of the obvious ways to pass some time is to read. The Queen Mary 2, in fact, boasts the world's largest library at sea, so Lori picked up a book and...

Learning on the Queen Mary 2

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - The Library of the Queen Mary 2
Chuck Sat, 2015-01-10 07:30
The Queen Mary 2's Library It might seem somewhat high-falootin' and hotty-toddy to say that one of the best ways to spend time on the Queen Mary 2 is to attend a lecture. Almost every conversation we've had about our ride home on this grand ship has produced a question or comment along the lines of, "What's there to do for seven days?" or "I can't imagine being stuck on a ship for a week." And somewhere in the list that is our response is always found the curious statement, "And there are lecturers onboard." At that point eyes roll and you can read their minds: well, lah-dee-dah . Cunard...

Dancing on the Queen Mary 2

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Queens Room Ballroom on the Queen Mary 2
Chuck Thu, 2015-01-08 07:30
The main reason a transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2 was on our travel radar to begin with was because some friends from our Arthur Murray studio back home in Alpharetta took the same cruise in the fall of 2013. The Queen Mary 2 boasts the largest ballroom on any cruise ship, a natural magnet for ballroom dancers like us. For dancers of the more "pop" styles, directly behind the Queens Room is the G32 nightclub, meaning you can FoxTrot and Waltz until the end of the day in the Queens Room, then boogie until the wee hours of the morning in G32. Queens Room Ballroom Dancers It shouldn't...

Dining on the Queen Mary 2

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Queen Mary 2's Britannia Restaurant
Chuck Tue, 2015-01-06 07:30
Queen Mary 2's Britannia Restaurant When we booked our trip home from Europe on the Queen Mary 2, we had a bit of concern over being confined to a ship for 7 days. There are, after all, no shore excursion options in the middle of the North Atlantic. Such fears proved entirely unfounded. In fact, my original intention for our blog series on the QM2 was going to be similar to our Cruising the Aegean blogs, to include a daily account. But I abandoned my daily log after just a couple of days, as I simply didn't have time to keep on top of it. Instead, we're going to blog on a few of the big...

The Solent Sky Aviation Museum, Southampton

Chuck Sat, 2015-01-03 07:30
The Flying Flea, A 1930's Home-Built Kit Airplane For all you airplane buffs... One of the top attractions in Southampton (according to TripAdvisor) is the Solent Sky Aviation Museum. This small museum (about the size of a single, small hangar) is jam-packed with airplanes, engines, uniforms, and artifacts of bygone races, awards, and trophies for breaking speed records during aviation's formative years in the early 20th century. As the museum is proud to point out, this area of south-central England played a noteworthy role in the development of the aviation industry, and many of the...

Happy New Year!

Chuck Thu, 2015-01-01 07:30
Just a quick note to wish all of our blog readers a very Happy New Year in 2015! Nobody ever really knows what's in store for the coming year, but we know it will be an adventure!