March 2015

Our Love of Killington

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - View from Killington, Vermont
Chuck Tue, 2015-03-31 07:30
No, we didn't fall off the ends of the earth after we left Philadelphia. We did, however, fall headlong into the true-blue nomadic lifestyle: we sold our house. We hope the flurry of packing, moving, and closing adequately explains the absence of blogs for the past week. If not, please contact our customer service department for a full refund for those missed blogs. To answer your inevitable questions (that some of you might have, that is), no, we aren't moving to Florida as originally planned, at least not yet: we plan to get back down there later this year or early next and spend a more...

Scenes from Philadelphia

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Independence Hall, Philadelphia
Chuck Sun, 2015-03-22 07:30
Our winter New England road trip continued with a day spent in Philadelphia. In addition to the newly opened Benjamin Franklin museum, we visited the National Historic Park, and most of what we saw will be easily recognizable to you without explanation, so enjoy this special edition Sunday blog without all the usual reading! The Liberty Bell The Room Where The Continental Congress Debated And Wrote The Declaration of Independence and The US Constitution The First US Senate Chambers Excavations of the President's House, The Original "White House" Benjamin Franklin Franklin's Grave, With...

Valley Forge at Winter

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Valley Forge Visitor's Center
Chuck Sat, 2015-03-21 07:30
War was fought much differently in the 18th century than today. Once the weather turned cold, armies went home or simply put themselves up somewhere to wait until the weather turned nicer and fighting could resume. It was called "winter quarters", and it was one of the main reasons that General George Washington's sneak attack across the Delaware on Christmas day, 1776, was successful: such things just weren't done. But Washington often fought by different rules than the British, as he fully intended to win. Unfortunately, the ensuing year of 1777 wasn't as successful as that sneak Christmas...

The Smithsonian's American History Museum

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Washington Monument and Snowy National Mall
Chuck Thu, 2015-03-19 07:30
Washington Monument On Snow-Covered National Mall The National Museum of American History We only spent one day in Washington, and except for Randy, all of us had been there before. The National Mall was covered with a slushy, but brightly picturesque, snow. Over the course of a few hours, we took in the Washington Monument, the new World War II Memorial, the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, the Lincoln Monument, and the Korean War Veteran's Memorial. But before that, we spent the morning in the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Back on a family vacation the summer of 2002, we...

George Washington's Beloved Mount Vernon

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - George Washington's Mount Vernon With Snow
Chuck Tue, 2015-03-17 07:30
It was easy to see why George Washington loved this spot of land that gently slopes down toward the Potomac River. This is wholly despite that the Potomac was frozen over and that the gently sloping back lawn (for that matter, all lawns and lands visible in any direction) was covered with a thick blanket of snow the day we visited. More of the white stuff was falling steadily, and it had a hushing effect on this, the beloved home of our most well known of founding fathers. For us, Mount Vernon has been an "oh, yeah" destination when visiting Washington, DC. But after I burned through a "...

Vermont Maple Shack

Chuck Tue, 2015-03-10 07:30
We'll resume blogging about our New England road trip, but first wanted to look ahead a little bit to this maple syrup shack we saw in Vermont. Can you feel the chill and smell the pancakes?

Disney World Fun For Free, Part 3 of 3: Hotel Hopping

Chuck Fri, 2015-03-06 18:28
T oday's blog, our 3rd and final in the series on fun for free in Disney World, is coming to you via Blogger's iPhone app. This is because the hotel we're currently staying in not only doesn't provide Internet for free, but also the Internet costs are a bit confiscatory. I won't call them out, because they do offer free wifi if I sign up for their rewards program, though that's something I just don't want to do. Instead I'll slog through typing an entire blog on a 2" by 1" keyboard and see how this new word suggestion feature on the iPhone really works. So if things look a little different...

Disney World Fun For Free, Part 2 of 3: Disney's Boardwalk

Disney's Boardwalk
Chuck Thu, 2015-03-05 07:30
Disney's Boardwalk When Disney World added Epcot in the early 1980's, they left a "back door" to a sizable lake around which they've since built five hotels: Disney's Beach and Yacht Clubs (billed as two resorts, but really more like one big resort, beach-themed closer to Epcot, yacht-themed further away), the Swan and the Dolphin resorts (two distinctly different hotels), and the Boardwalk. The neat thing is that all five of the resorts are connected by a walkway all the way around, offering a great evening or half day of free (no admission fee) fun. Getting into the boardwalk area might not...

Disney World Fun For Free, Part 1 of 3: Downtown Disney

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Downtown Disney, aka Disney Springs
Chuck Tue, 2015-03-03 07:30
Downtown Disney At Sunset On our recent venture to Central Florida's vacation land to visit family and shop for houses, we got to spend a little time at Disney World. Through the years, we've discovered and refined a few ways of having free fun at Disney, so thought we'd share our three favorites in this and the next two blogs. "Free", of course, is relative. What we mean by "free Disney World fun" is that you can enjoy some time somewhere on Disney property without having to pay just to be where you are. What you define as "fun", though, might entail paying for things like ice cream sundaes...