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Our Top 5 Favorite Foods in Valencia

Chuck Wed, 2014-07-30 07:30

As our profiles say, we're dining, wining, and dancing our way through Europe. We've really enjoyed the food and drink in Valencia, and here's our countdown of our top 5 favorites.


5. Wine, Sangria, and Beer...Oh My!

It's tasty, cold, and inexpensive!





Muy frio cerveza! Chuck's favorites: Mahou and San Miguel    




NOBODY makes Sangria like Valencians!



4. The Seafood

It's great being on the Mediterranean and tasting the fruit of the sea!




Steamed Mussels - Lori's Favorite!




Fresh Fish at the Market



Captain's Platter Spanish Style!



3. The Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh from the market every day.




Just-Picked Fresh!




2. Paella

The local Valencian paella with chicken. I can always pick out the beans!







1. And of course, the tapas!

Yummy bits of meats, olives, fish, veggies...the choices seem endless. Variety IS the spice of life!





Patatas Bravas - Fried Potatoes with Hot Sauce and Mayo





Tosta with Egg, Blood Sausage, and Grilled Peppers - Chuck said it was scrumptious (I wonder about him sometimes!)