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Dear Chuck and Lori What a great adventure, visiting all the English cathedrals - well done. I have just slowed down to two days a week for 2018, prior to retiring completely at the end of the year. My wife Annie is going to be working on for another couple of years and so I have a couple of 'adult gap years' coming up, which I intend to use to good effect. I am planning to visit all the English cathedrals. I live in between Bristol and Bath and so will start off with those two, even though I've visited them before. I then intend working East then North to visit roughly half before the end of the year. I hope to have seen them all by the end of 2019. I am going to allocate half a day to each and my plan is to stay in pubs and inns (never 'business' hotels) when I am far afield. For your interest, my other intentions around the UK are: - Visit most of the standing castles in Wales, particularly the 'Iron Ring' in North Wales Visit 100 famous graves (partly guided by Anne Trememan's book - Finding the Plot, although I'll construct my own). Walk the Thames from source to sea, which takes about a fortnight from the Cotswolds to the estuary, and takes in some of the best parts of England. Staying in pubs and inns overnight. Walk Offa's Dyke, which is a similar distance, although a more challenging hike. Outside the UK I'll be doing an updated 'Grand Tour' of Europe. When Annie finishes work we'll be travelling in Europe, the USA, Australia and the Far East. I wish you both well in your continuing travels Kind Regards Simon Hall