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In Defense of English Cuisine

Fish and Chips, the English Staple
Chuck Sat, 2015-12-12 07:00
Having spent about five of the last eighteen months in the British Isles, we’ve learned a bit about the English and their ways of living. When we tell people about our time in England, frequently the topic of cuisine comes up. Specifically that English cuisine is terrible. We always wonder: what alternate dimension have these people visited? Did they eat out of London dumpsters when they visited? People love stereotypes. They love to believe in them. They love to perpetuate them. We never pontificate about our travels, but we’ve spent enough time in England that we gladly come to the defense...

A Day In Wine Country: Sonoma vs. Napa

Zinfandel Grapes
Chuck Sat, 2015-09-26 07:00
As our plans to drive from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest started to firm up, Chuck took to Google Maps and planned a route. That process starts with entering the staring point (La Quinta, California) and the ending point (Seattle, Washington), determining the drive time (about 20 hours), then chopping the route up according to reasonable drive times (somewhere between 8 and 12 hours in a day) and interesting places to stop. Eight hours north of La Quinta, straight up I-5, is the bay area. Now to most, the San Francisco area might evoke images of the Golden Gate Bridge,...

Festa! Panicarola, Italy

Chuck Mon, 2014-10-06 07:30
According to a recent article published on Yahoo Travel , Lonely Planet cites attending international festivals as a top 10 prediction of future travel. To me this seems no more insightful than "predicting" that Disney World will have lots of visitors next year. Now I'm sure they mean big, giant festivals of "World's Fair" caliber, but that also means they're missing the whole local festival opportunity that pops up in front of us lucky travelers sometimes. We were fortunate enough to be in Umbria near the village of Panicarola for their annual lamb festival (or "festa", as they call it)...

Our Top 5 Favorite Foods in Valencia

Chuck Wed, 2014-07-30 07:30
As our profiles say, we're dining, wining, and dancing our way through Europe. We've really enjoyed the food and drink in Valencia, and here's our countdown of our top 5 favorites. 5. Wine, Sangria, and Beer...Oh My! It's tasty, cold, and inexpensive! Muy frio cerveza! Chuck's favorites: Mahou and San Miguel NOBODY makes Sangria like Valencians! 4. The Seafood It's great being on the Mediterranean and tasting the fruit of the sea! Steamed Mussels - Lori's Favorite! Fresh Fish at the Market Captain's Platter Spanish Style! 3. The Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Fresh from the market every day...

Valencia's Mercado Central

Chuck Mon, 2014-07-28 07:30
Anyone who reads our blog regularly or who knows us knows that we love the markets in Europe, and in Valencia we've found the granddaddy of all markets. Now I'm talking about fresh food markets, not a shopping center. Sometimes the markets are permanent installments in their community, sometimes they are morning markets on a certain day of the week. They are usually bustling, exploding with sights, sounds, and smells, and full of local people selling (mostly) locally-produced products. Here in Valencia, that makes for an awesome confluence of sun-drenched fruits (yes, like oranges), hams and...