Food And Wine

The Duoro Valley, Portugal

Chuck Mon, 2014-06-30 07:30
We've been staying in the Dão valley of Portugal, which is not as well known as its neighbor to the north, the Douro valley. The Dão valley feels more centrally located, convenient to the university town of Coimbra, the coastal beaches of Aveiro, and centrally located between the capital of Lisbon and all of Northern Portugal. And while there's plenty of winemaking in the Dão, the Douro valley is famous for Port wine. In fact, at least in Europe, if you buy a bottle labeled "Port", the grapes were grown and the wine was made somewhere in the Douro valley. Even if you aren't a fan of Port (we...

Touriga Nacional: A Fantastic Wine Discovery in Portugal

Chuck Mon, 2014-06-23 07:30
Travel discoveries are always exciting; for vinophiles, a wine discovery is especially exciting. That we will come across spectacular wines and entire varietals that we've never experienced before as we travel should be expected , but that doesn't take anything away from the "ahhh" moment. Hugh, the host of the Quinta we're staying at in Portugal , makes his own wine. In addition to his late harvest dessert wine (aka Port wine), the principle varietal he grows is an indigenous grape called Touriga Nacional. Hugh's current Touriga was harvested in 2007 and bottled in 2009, with 12 months...

A Few of our Favorite Wines

Wine Glass
Chuck Fri, 2014-02-14 10:00
We still don't think of ourselves as wine experts. We do, however, know a few wine experts. But since we have collected 60 or so bottles in our recent visits to California, we seem to have developed a reputation for knowing a bit about wine. We suppose it's somewhat true, but we are far from experts: we simply know what we like. So for our Valentine's Day post, we'd like to recommend a few of the wines we've gone out of our way to mark as our favorites; only if your tastes are similar to ours will this actually mean anything to you, of course. A sidebar note: as we started buying lots of...

Sonoma, October 2013

Grapes at harvest
Chuck Sun, 2013-11-03 12:32
We've figured out that a key to this nomadic empty-nester middle-aged couple lifestyle is being opportunistic. Followers of our blog know that we vacationed in California wine country just this past summer. We loved it so much that when we were approached on for an October exchange, we didn't have to think about it much: she had a family wedding in Atlanta to attend and offered her Sonoma weekend home in exchange for a week. Count us in. It was our first home exchange, and in our next blog we'll share our thoughts on this whole exchange thing. This trip was also an...

A People and their Wine (part 2 of 3)

Spanish wines
Chuck Sat, 2013-10-19 13:00
If you've been reading our blogs, you'll know that we've developed quite a passion for wine, heavily reinforced by our summer trip to California wine country this year. Well, we're going back soon, so look out for more wine blogs! There seems to be no better example of the relationships between a land, it's crops (in this case grapes), and the local people than with wine. There are hundreds of different types (varietals) of grapes, all growing better in different climates and in different soils than others, and the people and their grapes have evolved on that land together, sometimes over...