Travel Gadgets

Touring With Custom Google Maps

Google Maps
Chuck Wed, 2015-12-16 07:00
Recently we saw an article that cited Google Maps as the most valuable travel app on our phones. It’s obvious enough that it's easily overlooked as a travel tool. Even if we don’t have local cellular data service, we study Google Maps online for days (sometimes weeks) before we arrive in a destination, and regularly refer to it while we’re there. But then again, Chuck is a certified cartophile. For those of you who don't know it, Google Maps has the ability to create custom maps where you can drop pins, draw routes, and more. Last year for our 6-month visit to Europe we experimented with...

Road Trip Essentials

The Long and Winding Road
Chuck Thu, 2015-09-24 07:00
In January we took a “quick” thousand-mile road trip down to vacationland in Central Florida. We followed that up with a couple-thousand-mile road trip to New England. And since June we’ve been on a mega-road trip, having logged 6,500 miles so far, and we’ve yet to turn back home to Atlanta. We think it’s safe to say we’re road trip experts. That means we have a few “road trip essentials” that we can recommend as great gear to load into your car before you head out on your own road trip. We’ll skip the basics, like a first aid kit (though it’s worth mentioning that, as we were going to be...

A Nifty New TripAdvisor Feature for Travelers

Chuck Sat, 2015-06-20 07:30
We're diehard TripAdvisor users. We use it on a daily basis to check up on hotel and restaurant reviews and ratings, and we use it to research attractions when we visit a place. We've written tons of reviews ourselves, earning TripAdvisor's "Top Contributor" badge, as a "Level 5 Contributor", "Restaurant Expert 12", and with almost 8,000 points as of this writing. TripAdvisor makes us feel very special, obviously, but as Drew Carey said, "The points don't matter." If you're interested, you can check out our TripAdvisor Profile . In short, if you don't have the TripAdvisor app on your phone,...

A New Fave Travel Resource:

Chuck Thu, 2015-06-11 07:30
There's a particular problem for travelers seeking the best airfare, even with the most flexible of fare searching tools like Kayak. The problem is when airlines only fly to a destination on certain days. Even if you use a site like Kayak to search 2 days before and 2 days after dates, that only gives your search a 5-day footprint: if an airline flies that route only once a week, which isn't that uncommon for smaller (potentially cheaper) airlines and seasonal resort destinations, you've got a 2 in 7 chance of never learning about that fare. There's also the "serendipity" problem: all the...

A Site for Art Lovers:

Chuck Tue, 2015-06-09 07:30
As travel bloggers, we're regularly asked to "review our site" and "check out our app". Lest you think this is how we make money and can afford to travel, keep dreaming: none of those requests ever come with cash or mounds of bitcoins. We always take a peek at a website, usually we'll install and give an app a spin (as long as they work on our iPhones or iPads). Rarely are we impressed enough to actually blog about it. We're remiss in mentioning a few of the more nifty sites, apps, and gadgets, so while we gather some blog-worthy experiences in England we'll pepper our blog with write-ups on...