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High Tech Cruising with Norwegian's iConcierge App

Norwegian iConcierge App Screen Shot
Chuck Sat, 2015-05-09 07:30
A few days before the Norwegian Epic left Miami, NCL sent us an email suggesting we download their "iConcierge" app. Well, Cunard didn't have an app, and we're techy-geeky Americans, so we were intrigued. Touted as the way for Norwegians to stay in touch with each other and with family back home, and so much more, we both installed it. On the Queen Mary 2, there had been times when Lori didn't know where I was, so it seemed useful to be able to send texts to one another through their app. Reading further, it looked as though the Norwegian iConcierge app was chock-full of useful features, all...

Very Cool App: Word Lens

Word Lens App Logo
Chuck Wed, 2014-05-28 07:30
We recently downloaded a very cool app worth a blog: it's called Word Lens. Admittedly we only downloaded it because we heard it was (for a limited time only!) free. We like free apps on our iPhones. We don't have a problem paying for an app we want, but free is even better. By the way, we hear it's also now available for Android, and it seems that just over a week ago, Google acquired Quest Visual, the company that publishes Word Lens. That tells you right there it's something worth taking a look at. Good mobile apps do a slick job of solving a typical problem you might encounter anywhere...

A New Favorite Web Resource:

Rome2Rio Main Page Search
Chuck Thu, 2014-05-08 09:00
You have to wonder if technology will eventually take all the fun out of travel planning, especially when you come across a site like . This is simply an amazing website, destined to be our go-to-resource for travel planning. In the old days (as in last month), if I were trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B, the process went something like this: identify the airports nearest points A and B, find flights between points A and B, then determine if it's possible to take public transit (train, bus, ferry, hang glider, etc.) to point A's airport and from point B's...

Review: TP-Link TL-WR702N Travel-Sized Wireless Router

Chuck Fri, 2014-03-21 12:00
We've been collecting odds and ends for our travels the last few months, everything from travel sheets for potential hostel visits to cables and adapters for our electronics. We've even turned to the "dark side" and purchased a Mac Book Pro to help consolidate (and shrink the size and weight of) our computing and be completely compatible with our iPhones and iPads: we're like walking Apple advertisements. We even purchased a French press to make coffee in the possibility that we arrive someplace without a coffee maker. Now we're addicted to our French press and it's the only coffee we make...

A Review: JBL Micro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Chuck Tue, 2013-11-26 18:28
We've digitized our entire music collection. We ripped all but the most eclectic CD's (I'll get to the Scott Joplin 5 CD set eventually) a few years back, and since then all of our tunes have been purchased as MP3's from Amazon. We share them throughout our home network via Windows Media Player, which in turn we can access from our U-Verse boxes anywhere in the house. It's really pretty nifty, though I hope to soon update the whole system. But that's a topic for another blog. I also import my MP3's to iTunes and sync them to my iPhone so I take almost my entire music library with me...