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The Greatest Travel Writer There Ever Was

Vintage travel books
Chuck Wed, 2017-12-13 08:15
This month we have been traveling fairly well nonstop for three and a half years. Insofar as much of that time we have literally been homeless, travel has been a bit of a necessity. Granted, it was a chosen necessity. In addition to our prior lack of a home, our travel has been fueled by a passionate fascination with our world and her people, and it has been driven by information. You might expect that this old technologist has relied entirely on social media, blogs, vlogs, snogs, snivels, and a host of the other modern infotech available nowadays for anyone with passing interest in exploring...

Why Is Everyone So Angry?

Angry people
Chuck Mon, 2017-12-11 05:34
I took a philosophy class in high school. That's not a boast, yet neither am I ashamed of the fact. I won't tell you why I took it; that's not especially germane, really, except that I didn't particularly want to take it. Or maybe I did, I don't know. What do any of us know, really? One of the most memorable, yet mostly useless, tidbits I learned in that class is how rats behave in overpopulation situations. The textbook writer who thought to include this treatise on rats doing what rats would do if crammed into a shoebox with one hundred other rats thought to challenge our young...

England's 41 Cathedrals

The Cathedrals of England
Chuck Wed, 2017-12-06 13:14
There are 41 Anglican (Church of England) cathedrals in England, and as of this week we have seen them all. Some Americans plan to visit every Major League Baseball park. Others tick off National Parks. We elected to see the cathedrals of a faith community other than our own in a country where we are guests. It came about this way. We had seen Saint Paul Cathedral in London years ago. That was 1 down, 40 to go, though at the time we weren't counting. Then in 2014 when we began our full time travels, we popped into Manchester’s cathedral one day, the York Minster another; 2 more down. A few...

Carpe Diem

Chapel of Bones, Evora, Portugal
Chuck Wed, 2017-09-20 05:21
Tucked away in nooks and crannies, packing niches and crevices in tunnels and catacombs across Europe, are the bones of monks and common folk alike. The Necropolis of Paris is the second final resting place (tongue-in-cheek intended) of millions of Parisians whose mortal remains were relocated to the sprawling tunnel system in the late 1700's to recover precious land for the living. The artful arrangement of skulls and femurs and ribs and wishbones at Rome's Capuchin Crypt is (according to TripAdvisor) nearly as popular an attraction as the Vatican Gardens and the Spanish Steps. Crypts and...

Top 12 Travel Tips!

Chuck Thu, 2017-06-29 12:38
I’ve got a new business idea. It came to me when I spied a dog walker wrangling half a dozen of his charges down the sidewalk here in Atlanta. I figure if a dog owner is willing to pay someone to walk their pets, some people might be willing to pay us to take their vacations for them. The pitch would go like this: “Why be hassled with all the planning and airports and annoying hotel check-ins? Pay Chuck and Lori to take your vacations for you! Just TELL your friends you went to Fiji! Act now and Chuck and Lori will take 1,000 free photos for you!” I’ll have to get to work on that website… But...