Hello, from Chuck & Lori

Chuck Wed, 2013-07-24 08:06

We want to see the world.  We want to experience other cultures.  We want to immerse ourselves and live like locals, eating local cuisine and drinking the local wine.

People think they have to be rich to do this, or at the least, retired.  We believe there is a different way, that this is simply a lifestyle choice.  So that's what this blog is about: a middle-aged, recently empty-nested couple, figuring out how to pull this challenge off.

Like everyone else, we'll need to work to afford life, regardless of where and how we're living it.  But we'll work in such a way that work supports our lives, not the other way around.  We'll work in such a way that we'll still have time to enjoy being wherever we are.  We'll work in such a way that we'll still have time to learn new things and to share what we've learned.  We'll work in such a way that leverages our lifestyle, seeking out clients, partners, and opportunities wherever we are.

Most importantly, we will work together, as a couple, blending work and life, with no need to "balance".

Our journey begins May, 2014, and preparation is well underway.  We're glad you're joining us.