Chuck & Lori’s 1st Annual Best Of List


And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for (LOL), we present to you Chuck and Lori’s “Best Of” travel list for 2013!

Our selection for best airline is:

  • Delta. Well, if you live in Atlanta it’s hard not to be a fan of Delta (it’s easy to like an airline which has direct flights from your home town to … pretty much anywhere). But even applying a bit of objectivity, our experience with Delta is head-and-shoulders above other airlines. From on-time performance to fantastic clubs, and from plenty of flights to a near-perfect website, Delta is clearly our best-of airline.
  • Honorable Mention! JetBlue. When we blogged about our fall trip to California, we mentioned our brief experience with JetBlue: and it was such a great experience that they jumped into an honorable mention slot. If only they flew out of Atlanta this hard-working airline would give Delta a run for the best-of spot.

Our selection for best high-end hotel chain is:

  • Intercontinental. Consistency is the problem for most of the high-end hotels we’ve gotten to stay in, and Intercontinental seems to always deliver a consistent product compared to other high-end brands. (Full disclosure: Intercontinental, like Delta, is an Atlanta-based company, but that really has no bearing on our decision).

Our selection for best mid-range hotel is:

  • Hyatt Place. A cool decor, mini-suites with huge TV’s, self service check-in kiosks, and the best continental breakfast around.

Our selection for best budget hotel is:

  • Fairfield Inns. For a budget hotel we’re usually looking for a convenient location (often near an airport), clean rooms, a decent breakfast option, and good rates. Fairfield Inns (owned by Marriott) usually has them all.

Our selection for best car rental is:

  • Budget. In our opinion, rental cars are a commodity: a Toyota from one company is the same Toyota from another company. Product differentiation being a challenge, it comes down to price, availability, and customer service, all of which we’ve seen Budget excel at. And they have a solid web site too.

And finally, our selection for best general travel site is:

  • Kayak. We absolutely loved another travel site for years until we got iPhones and iPads and installed the Kayak apps. With price alerts, the web site is awesome too; they’ve returned the joy to surfing and researching travel. Far and away, Kayak has the best tools for trip planning and booking.

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