Sharing the Love with Restaurant Recommendations

We’re off to a new city today (Valencia, Spain1), and while it’s great to wander a city and find new places to discover, it’s also great to get and follow up on recommendations. We’re a little short on recommendations for eating, drinking, or sightseeing in Valencia, so if you have something in mind, please let us know!

Last week we got the picture text above from our great friends Michael and Gina (on the left) who, while we were still in Portugal, were in Florence. They had followed up on a recommendation we gave them and had dinner at Il David in the Piazza del Signoria. Readers will recognize their server, Renaldo, from this post a few weeks ago.

Hope you guys enjoyed our favorite place in Florence! I see some nice-looking pizzas and cold beers 🙂

1 – Nope, you haven’t entirely missed our 5 days in Madrid! Our blogs lag our current actual destination by about a week; follow us on Twitter for more real-time updates and re-tweets of our more popular blogs.

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