Winter, 2015 Road Trip!

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Nissan Rogue, Decked Out For Road Trip
Nissan Rogue, Skis Atop, New Cargo Carrier On Back

From December to mid-February, we logged over 5,000 miles of travel. Not 1 of those miles was by air. To maximize our mileage streak without setting foot in an airplane, why not take a road trip? With some work to do in Boston, and with lots and lots of powdery white snow all over the place up north, every flake of it ski-worthy, a February-March trip north made perfect sense. And it also made perfect sense to invite Lori’s sister and brother-in-law, Susan and Randy, to tag along with us.

The only challenge proved to be stuffing our Nissan Rogue with 4 people, ski gear, cold weather clothing, and enough wine and snacks to keep us alive for a week should we run off into a snow bank. As with most challenges, careful planning led to solutions. First, we put crossbars up on the luggage rack, on which we strapped down our ski tubes. That got the skis out of the car, but the luggage count was still too high, so–second–we had a hitch put on and bought one of those cargo carriers. Voila! Rogue-turned-road-trip-machine.

There’s actually a whole week in central Florida that we’ve skipped over here, but with the next few blogs we’ll return to sunny Central Florida. In the meantime, we thought we’d let you know about our winter road trip and give you a few pictures so far. In another week or so, we’ll blog about some of the sites we’ve seen along the way that we haven’t seen before, like Mount Vernon and Valley Forge.

When it’s all said and done, our non-air travel mileage streak will be well over 8,000 miles. The itinerary of our winter 2015 road trip looks, so far, something like this:

Thursday – Susan and Randy drive from Gulfport to Atlanta
Friday – We all leave together from Atlanta and drive to Washington, DC
Saturday – Washington, DC
Sunday – Washington, DC
Monday – Drive from Washington, DC to Philadelphia
Tuesday – Philadelphia
Wednesday – Drive from Philadelphia to Boston
Thursday – Boston
Friday – Drive from Boston to Killington, Vermont
Saturday – Killington
Sunday – Killington
Monday – Killington
Tuesday – Killington
Wednesday – Killington
Thursday – Drive from Killington to Boston
Friday – well, we’re still working on how we’ll wrap up the trip…stay tuned.

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Washington Monument and Snowy National Mall
The Washington Monument and a Snowy National Mall

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial 

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Troop Huts at Valley Forge
Troop Huts at Valley Forge

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Flag and Monument, Valley Forge
Flag And Monument, Valley Forge

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - The Liberty Bell
The Liberty Bell

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Independence Hall
Independence Hall

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Where Declaration of Independence and Constitution Were Signed
Where The Declaration of Independence And Constitution Were Signed

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin, My Hero

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