Ode to Casey’s Caboose

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Tuesday’s blog was a testament to how our familiarity with the Killington ski resort adds so significantly to our enjoyment of visiting. We know the trails, the lodges, the roads, and of course we know the area restaurants.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that if Killington Ski Resort was to shut down–to cease operating as a ski resort–we’d still contemplate going to Killington to chow down on buffalo wings and beer at Casey’s Caboose. Ever since we discovered this little dive of an apres ski bar built around an actual caboose on our first visit, no ski trip to Killington has been complete without a visit at happy hour to enjoy what Randy swears are the best wings anywhere. Personally, we think the best wings anywhere are the ones Chuck used to make, but that’s another story.

It was with great sadness that, after driving thousands of miles from the deep south to Vermont, even before we had booted up and strapped skies to our feet, we pulled into the parking lot at Casey’s Caboose…to find them shut down and out of business. Or, as the sign sadly said, “available”. How much miserable sadness we found in that one, curious, word!

As the four of us huddled together in our car, tears streaming from our eyes, desperately trying to console each other, our hopes of beating the Friday afternoon skiers to happy hour dashed, all the memories of family time at Casey’s flooded back. Wiping our eyes, we pulled out our phones and announced to the extended family, via texts, the passing of our dear friend, Casey.

RIP, Casey’s Caboose, RIP.

May someone, somewhere, take note of that phone number (for convenience sake: 386-314-3755) and make it no longer “available”.

Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Casey's Caboose, Killington, Vermont
Nary A Car In The Lot
Sadly “Available”


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