The Pubs of Manchester


The pubs of Britain are a national treasure. Regardless of where you visit in these islands, pub visits must be part of your itinerary. From London’s Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town┬ánow to the Old Wellington in Manchester, our pub experience portfolio has been spotless.
You probably know it already, but it’s worth pointing out again that a pub in Britain is not a bar. Certainly you can enjoy a pint of your brew of choice, perhaps also some wine or even a shot of Irish whiskey. We stopped in a pub the afternoon of my haircut–the Town Hall Tavern–and patrons at the bar next to us were downing Jaeger shots. Neighborhood pubs are meeting and conversation spots, and many also serve food–pub fare as the guidebooks call it (pub regulars just call it food). While it was too late for lunch and the Town Hall Tavern doesn’t serve dinner, we had to settle for some colorful conversation: that we’re traveling for six months and that we’re spending nearly three weeks in Manchester tends to spark such conversation.
Liam (our bartender), Lori, and our new friend Lindsey
(The Three L’s)
Our thirst quenched but our stomachs growling, we set out in search of dinner. We wandered into the Old Wellington Inn, with “Good Food All Day”, not to mention a selection of real cask ales.
We sat next to a second floor window, admiring the view of the tudor square through leaded glass. The building housing the Old Wellington is purported to be the oldest in Manchester, which is saying a lot: there’s been a cathedral next door since the sixth century. It looked the part with ancient wood beams and low ceilings. Even the tables and chairs seemed to come from centuries past. The building had once been an Inn, and you could almost imagine a band of hobbits seeking shelter from ghoulish wraiths.
Pub food rarely disappoints. It’s English comfort food, and we had the mainstays: fish and chips for Lori, bangers and mash for Chuck. Washed down with a cider and an ale, our English experience is well underway…but to be continued.


Fish and Chips Bangers and Mash
The Second Floor Dining Room of the Old Wellington, Manchester

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