A Year of Full Time Travel

It’s our first “travelversary”.

On June 14, 2014, a year ago today, we set out on a 6-month work-as-we-go tour of Europe, and we haven’t really stopped traveling since. We came “home” just long enough to move the rest of our personal belongings out of the house and sell it, furnishings and all. Those six months were intended to be something of a trial run to see how we liked the nomadic lifestyle, and we were only a month or so into it when we knew it was what we wanted to do.

In the last year we’ve been to 8 countries and 15 states. We’ve set foot on three continents, and we’ve laid eyes on a fourth (Africa) from our ship as we passed through the Straits of Gibraltar. We crossed the Atlantic four times: twice by air, twice by sea. We’ve slept in about 5 dozen different beds. We (Chuck, actually) has driven on the left hand side of the road almost as much as he’s driven on the right. We’ve worn out two sets of suitcases (admittedly they were cheap ones). We’ve discovered entirely new varieties of wine to love (touriga nacional and tempranillo, most notable among others). We’ve danced, made lots of new friends, wrote a book, started a new venture, and loved every second of it.

We’ve said that we never want to be glad a day is over, that we want to so enjoy each and every day that we regret when they end. We can honestly say that each day has ended with a bit of that sweet sadness.

We expect most of our friends and followers will want to know “what’s next”? As we’ve mentioned in our blogs, we’re spending the summer and early fall in the Great American West. In the fall we’ll return to Europe and plan to be there for 7 months or so. We’ll “sit still” next summer as we prepare for our daughter’s wedding that September. After that, who knows? We’d love to spend a few months in the Caribbean. But we’d also love to get to South America. Perhaps Australia and New Zealand.

We’ll have a couple of big technology changes to announce this year, starting with a new website in the next few weeks. We’ll continue to blog about our adventures, but we’re going to start adding new features and resources to help people figure out how to travel more and travel longer. And later this year we hope to announce a really cool new website for social travel: stay tuned!

Anyway, we’re glad to have you joining us on our journeys, and we hope you find our travel musings useful, interesting, and most importantly fun.


Chuck and Lori's Travel Blog - Chuck and Lori at Raby Castle near Staindrop, England
June, 2015
(Raby Castle, England)


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