I’ve Loved You

I wrote this poem for the occasion of my daughter Catie’s wedding to Ryan. They’re getting married today, Sunday, September 25th, 2016. 

I’ve loved you
Since I knew there’d be a you.

I’ve held you
Whenever you needed me to.

I fed you
Some strange baby food goo.

I drove you
To school, at least after grade two.

I comforted you
When you had the flu.

I questioned you
When you got that first tattoo.

I really questioned you
When you took your mama to get one too.

I’ve sung to you:
Jimmy Buffett, and Billy Joel, too.

I’ve sent you
Money when you couldn’t make do.

I’ve kissed you
Just because I wanted to.

I’ve watched you
Become a woman as you grew.

I’ll miss you
Being my little girl, it’s true.

But I love you
For loving Ryan too.

And I’ll love you,
My new son-in-law, too.

So thank you,
Both of you,
I can now love the two of you.

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