The Mojave National Preserve

We could have gone all Interstate highway from Las Vegas to the Coachella Valley, but what would be the fun in that? Sometimes you just have to take the back roads. Being natives of the Gulf South, deserts are about as familiar to us as moonscapes. So naturally we cut through the Mojave National Preserve just to see what we could see. Here are a few of those sights.

375x_2015-07-01 12.56.08.jpg
Mojave National Preserve


375x_2015-07-01 12.08.02.jpg
Old Kelso Post Office


375x_2015-07-01 12.08.40.jpg
Kelso Jail (not a pleasant thought, especially in August. It was used until 1985.)


375x_2015-07-01 12.28.21.jpg
Lunch counter at the Kelso visitor’s center (which used to be a railroad workhouse).


375x_2015-07-01 12.24.24.jpg
Old Southern California railway maps at the Kelso visitor’s center


375x_2015-07-01 13.23.54.jpg
The Mojave Desert


375x_2015-07-01 11.39.24.jpg
On Our Way To Our Next Stop


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