Introducing the New!

Well, here we are. It seems just a bit anticlimatic to be here, but we have finally arrived at our new platform on the web. For our more techy readers, we moved from to Drupal, but most of you probably don’t care about that.

Please take a look around and explore. Here are a few new things you’ll spot:

  • A simpler, cleaner look. Everyone likes to rearrange the furniture every now and then, don’t they?
  • A rotating banner image at the top of the home page. We’ll try to keep this updated with fresh pictures, but no guarantees.
  • A nice little search box up in the top right hand corner so you can search our site by keyword and topic.
  • Did you spot the “Travel More! Travel Longer!” tag line? It’s the theme of our new site: helping people figure out how to travel more and travel longer.
  • A “responsive” site design, meaning our visitors can view it properly on phones and tablet for our travel readers on the go. Go ahead, try it out!
  • Social tagging and bookmarking buttons on all our blogs (toward the bottom). We’re still experimenting with these, though, but please do share our articles!
  • A completely new Favorites menu with links directly to our most popular blogs.
  • A new Resources menu with super-valuable info-pages on how to Travel More and Travel Longer
  • A brand new Photo Gallery page with live links to our Flickr page: a few minutes after we upload a picture to Flickr, it shows up automatically here!
  • About a jillion behind-the-scenes features to help people find us through the search engines.

This, of course, is just the beginning. We have many other very nifty new features planned, including an interactive map of our articles and blogs and “Travel More! Travel Longer!” themed forums to help people share ideas on how to enjoy more travel. But we really want to hear what you think and hear your suggestions on new features for our site.

Coming up: we promise to get you caught up on our summer travels, including blogs on San Antonio, Carlsbad Caverns, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs.

Oh, and…

Happy Birthday To Our Wonderful Daughter, Catie!

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